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Best Personal Trainer Atlanta, GA | Buckhead Personal Trainer

Atlanta’s Top Personal Trainer will get You Results, while keeping your Workouts Fun and Entertaining, Check out the Testimonials and Call Today!

Are you tired of making New Year’s Resolutions and never making it past the third week? Have you been trying for years to work out on your own, but just can’t find the drive to do it on your own, or aren’t getting the desired results? Our personal trainers here at We Train Atlanta are here to assist you in your wight loss and health goals. Our trainers can work with you hands on and personally in order to help you reach your goals. Everyone knows that working out on your own is hard to do. That’s what personal trainers are here for. Someone to coach, push, and encourage you every step of the way. Not only are they certified in training, but also in nutrition. In some packages, you can receive nutritional plans that will assist in your weight loss efforts and get you on track to a more healthy living. If you’re looking for the right time to start, the time is now.

Best thing is, the headache of getting to the gym is no longer an obstacle. Our trainers come to you. Whether you live in Atlanta, Buckhead, or Sandy Springs, have a home gym or not, our dedicated professionals will make their way to you. So what’s the hold up? We’ve taken all of the excuses out of the equation. It’s time to get the look you deserve. Get started on a path to changing your world with a simple phone call.

The We Train Atlanta Program

  • Flexible programs that include in-home training, studio personal training and boot camps
  • A high intensity and fun workout meant to burn fat fast and leave you begging for more
  • Workout that constantly changes, so you never get bored and never hit that dreaded plateau
  • Professional certified fitness trainers who will hold you accountable for doing the work so you can reach your weight loss and fitness goal
  • Affordable programs that fit every budget
  • Convenient location and session times for even the busiest person
  • Expert online guidance and counseling so you’ll know the right foods to eat and exactly how to exercise to maximize your weight loss program
  • Support online and in person from staff and members
  • Nutritional plans and counseling that include a grocery store tour and tracked results
  • 25% off for referral

When you join We Train Atlanta you will…

  • Lose 4-8 pounds per month
  • Tone your legs and arms
  • Firm your buttocks
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Slow the aging process because you’ll look years younger
  • Look healthier and feel sexier
  • Improve your overall quality of life

Don’t believe it? Take a look at some of our clients success stories

Morgan Lewis, 34 Drops 52 Pounds

Check out her Before and After, but most of all check out her confidence and the glow she has right now. Morgan is also Newly Engaged to be married 6 months after she dropped her 52 pounds! Will you be my next success story? Individual Results May Vary

Back to High School Shape

Individual Results May Vary

8 Pounds in 1 Month

Individual Results May Vary

Wedding Dress Ready

Individual Results May Vary

Philip Testimonial

Check out his Before and After Pictures

Individual Results May Vary

Christine S. Nurse,

Click to Enlarge Picture: Christine: I tried working out and dieting alone on and off for the past few years but my lack of motivation and sweet tooth always set me back in my weight loss goals. After months of baggy clothing, sweatshirts, and post college weight gain, I finally decided to get serious and hired Elmore as my personal trainer. The past few months I’ve been training with Elmore have been nothing less than incredible. His support, dedication, and kick a s s workouts have not only helped me achieve my weight goals, but I feel so confident and healthy. What I love most from Elmore is that I can tell him about my good workout/eating days and also my bad workout/eating days (because Lord knows we have cheating days or skip a home workout). He is always right there to encourage me and personalize my workouts and eating plans so that it works for ME. What I thought would just be 10lbs off has now turned into a healthier decision making lifestyle (but the 10lbs off didn’t hurt either!) What do you want in a trainer? RESULTS, MOTIVATION, and a KNOWLEDGABLE, PROFESSIONAL TRAINER. Elmore has all these qualities and more. Elmore is well educated in health fitness and body muscles, tailors each session to his clients, and is an overall genuine person. I would recommend him to anyone. Individual Results May Vary

Philip 32, Drops 60 Pounds

Click Picture to make Bigger.

Atlanta has a great Trainer in Elmore McConnell. I’ve tried working out on my own and asking other people in the gym about exercise and even buy books and magazines but when I met Elmore all the things that I thought I knew was tossed out of the window. Elmore is the super because he has a degree in what other people have a certification in, just incase your slow the Degree is Better than the Cert. What it took me 6 months to learn and accomplish it only took Elmore 3 Months. Long lasting results. After dropping all the fat my program now consist of exercise to help me to be more mobile, flexible and athletic. I never played sports in high school but with all the training and drills that I ask for I’m getting exactly what I wanted. The body of Reggie Bush if that’s possible. You can also check me out in some of his workout videos on Youtube. Why train with We Train Atlanta Personal Training well if you train with anybody else you’re just gambling and taking a risk. With Elmore’s recorded of getting results client after client it was a no brainer for me. Results is what I’m getting how about you? Individual Results May Vary

Erica 30, Added Buns, Legs and Abs

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Anita 37, Sculpt Tone and Abs

I Dropped about 30 pounds with her previous trainer Erica who was already a client of Elmore’s… Yes Trainers need Trainers too! Anita drop the last hard to lose 8 pounds of fat and finally got the sculpted body she was looking for..I remember going through the Air Port and getting patted down and TSA was like you got ABs and I was like Thanks Elmore. I’ve tried CrossFit, Abs classes, running and a few bootcamps but when I started training with Elmore of We Train Atlanta I knew he was the Real Deal! He help motivate and change me from the inside out. You can even see some of the workouts that I did with him on Youtube he pushes you to be the best you can be day after day! I’ve trained with Elmore in Buckhead and Midtown Atlanta for over 4 months. If you push off booking Elmore as your Trainer you will be kicking yourself in the butt for the next year because he stays busy.

Individual Results May Vary

Morgan 32, 52 Pounds Gone

Click to make Photo Bigger. Morgan: I LOVE WE TRAIN ATLANTA! I started working out w/ Elmore McConnell in March 2012 and 6 months later I have lost 52+ POUNDS! I never thought I could do it, but Elmore is great at what he does. I truly believe he is doing exactly what the universe and God intended him to be doing with his life, HE IS THAT GOOD AT WHAT HE DOES! It’s not just a job for him, he really cares. He knows how to bring about real change in people for the better. The physical changes are just the icing on the cake for me, the real change is how he has made me rethink everything; from what I eat, how I take care of myself, and even who I am. He has shifted my perception and that has made all the difference in my weight loss journey, AND THAT IS WHY ELMORE IS THE BEST @ WHAT HE DOES, HANDS DOWN! Individual Results May Vary

Ellen 50ish Mother of 3


Individual Results May Vary

Father & Daughter – We Lost 50lbs!

After trying a bunch of Fancy/Large Gyms we found Elmore and trained for over 2 years. My daughter was 11 and I was 58 when we started the program. The hour that we spent with him had to be Fun and Effective in order to keep our attention and focus. He taught us about nutrition and balance. He really connected with us. The bond with my daughter is stronger than ever and now I’m going to be around to see her have kids. I was able to give my daughter an example of why it is important to become part of this Fit Culture and make a lifestyle change. I lost over 50 pounds all I had to do was show up and Elmore did the Rest! We may have to move to Atlanta because he is truly the best! Thanks Elmore for what you have done for us!

Individual Results May Vary

Mother of 3 – I Lost 37 Pounds!

Before I started training with Elmore I was depressed partly because I have Polycystic Kindney Disease and I was not able to exercise because of complications. He made working out addictive I wanted to do more and more. Because of my condition I could not do any running or jumping and he said no problem. After 4 months with Elmore I lost 37 pounds. I looked better and was happy all the time. I’m able to get out and enjoy activities with my son and two daughters. I can’t Thank you enough!

Individual Results May Vary



Father of 2, Age 69 – I Lost 65 Pounds!

I’m currently 69 years old and Elmore Saved my life. I lost 65 pounds. In 2006 I was Diabetes Type II and I had High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure. While setting in the Hospital Wellness Center Elmore Looked me in my eyes and asked, “How do I want to finish this race called life?” Do you want finish strong increasing my quality of life or just fade away with strokes, bypass surgeries and back injuries left and right. He pointed up stairs where the Bounce back program was where Heart attack and Stroke Patients come to do Cardiac Rehab and then he pointed to the Senior Citizen home and asked do I want to live the rest of my life hopeless depending on others to feed and dress me. The next question he asked was, “Would I want somebody else to raise my kids or my wife to remarry?” After 12 months he exceeded my goal by 17 pounds and my doctor has completely taken me off of the Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Medicines.

Individual Results May Vary


Individual Results May Vary


We Train Atlanta

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